Talking About Oort Digital

First of all, for a person who has been engaged in cryptocurrency for 5 years,
The concept of nft is not unfamiliar. During this period of time, nft has been full of fun around,
So that I want to find a super cool platform, this time ootr appeared in my sight

Well known,What oort needs to do is
NFT super account for GameFi & Metaverse

In fact, there are still many things to do,
But I saw the plan of oort,
I think there is still a lot of room and ideas, and Oort itself has a preliminary market plan.
I hope to progress, work hard, and walk with oort!

Current Phase
Improve current NFT leasing + pricing products, to become the “Zillow for NFTs”, and introduce native Oort NFTs for incentives.

Upcoming Phase
Continue building, aggregating existing DeFi protocols for NFTs and leasing, including collateralized loan, trading, fractionized trading, derivatives, fiat gateways to become a super DeFi account for NFTs. Launch $OORT yield farming in this phase.

Next Phase
Finalize Oort token economic model and launch Oort DAO. Build NFT interoperable tools and start onboarding 3rd party game developers for Oort native NFTs. Build bridges to connect with existing blockchain games/metaverses.

Final Phase
Continue seeking for more opportunities and expand the ecosystem. Onboard traditional games into the Oort ecosystem, for being the DeFi layer on top of the whole Metaverse.

Secondly, let’s talk about some views on nft design

Nft will be a super big market in the future. How can we find Oort’s own position in this market? I think these pictures have already shown it.
Fresh design, complete chart. I like it!

I hope to grow up with oort, contribute my own strength to the community, and finally be able to autonomy under the power of DAO
Looking forward to that day!

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